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Melrose Catering specialises in event planning, wedding catering, corporate and private functions. From menus created just for you, venue selection and management, to equipment hire and staff, Melrose Catering can help you every step of the way.

Whether you are planning a wedding, cocktail party, buffet dinner or business function, we can plan and design your event, and create custom menus to suit your individual needs.

Whether your Event is suited to a continuous Finger Food occasion or a more traditional sit down Set, Platter or Buffet Menu, or a combination of these we are happy to create your dream menu and help you every step of the way.

For a full range of Menus please fill out our requests form and we will happily contact you to discuss your celebration further

Finger Food
Minimum order 20 guests


• Asian style pickled vegetable salad with flavours of coriander, kaffir lime and sesame wrapped in rice paper
• Little tartlets of caramelized summer harvest onion
and sweet thyme
• Mini oriental spiced Vegetable Samosas with dipping sauces.
• Vegetable Spring Rolls
with dipping sauces.
• Mushroom & Olive tartlet,
with Sun Dried Tomatoes pesto & Creme Fraiche.
• Crispy Mushroom cakes
with Tomato & Red Pepper chutney.
• Gazpacho topped
with mini Olive baked croutons.
• Grilled Zucchini, Capsicum & Mozzarella skewers
with Tomato Relish.
• Beetroot tart
with French Goat cheese
• Bocconcini tartlet
with Cherry Tomato & fresh Basil
• Sushi selection
with pickled ginger and wasabi
• Homemade Corn Chip
with Guacamole topped with Kikorangi blue cheese
• Feta with Walnut Pate topped
with Quince Paste.
• Dukkah crusted Feta,
with Lime, Coconut & Banana Chutney.
• Classic Bruschetta
with Pesto, Tomato, Capers, Chives & Olives.
Herb pastry tartlet filled
with garlic, oven roasted tomato and mozzarella cheese

Fish & Seafood

• Smoked Fish pate on crostini with Apple pickle.
• Smoked Salmon on Blinis with caper berry & Nori flakes.
• Prawn Skewers with Wasabi & Lime Aioli.
• Tamarind seared Scallop, wrapped in crispy bacon.
• Sesame Crusted Tuna Loin, with Saffron & Ginger Aioli.
• Steamed Prawn on Thai Fish cake, with Coriander Pesto & Avocado.
• Dill marinated Salmon with Pistachio, Parsley Pesto & Caper Berry.
Crispy fried Big Eye Tuna tempura nori roll with dipping sauce
• Oysters on the half shell with Pickled Ginger, Spring Onion & Tamari.
• Grilled Sweet Chilli & Coriander Prawns with Lime Aioli
• Salmon Teriyaki skewers with Wasabi & Ginger Mayonnaise.
• Crispy Prawn Filo Pastry Twisters, with Mango, Lime & Chilli dipping sauce.
• Smoked Fish cakes with Tartare sauce.
• Paua cakes with Smoked garlic salt & Citrus Aioli.
• Chilli & Lime Salmon skewers with dipping sauces.
• Crispy Prawn Cutlets, with Tartare Sauce.
• Salmon Tandoori skewer, with Mango & Lime dipping sauce.


Meat & Poultry:

• Golden herb bilinis topped with rare beef, romesco and crème fraiche
• Chargrilled lamb fillets on garlic toast with watercress & smoked paprika aioli
• Garlic crostini topped with rocket & rare beef  Italian black olive tapenade
• Mini Croissants filled with mozzarella, tomato and smoky ham
• Seared Venison tart with Beetroot Chutney.
• Prosciutto wrapped Feta wedge, with Avocado & Rocket Pesto.
Beef Croquets – traditional Dutch creamy beef balls, served with hot mustard
• Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus spears, with Basil Aioli.
• Prosciutto with Rock Melon on baked Olive bread crouton, with Rocket Pesto.
• Duck Pate on walnut crostini with pear and ginger chutney.
• Seared Lamb fillet on mini Corn fritter with sun dried Tomato & Olive chutney.
• Balsamic seared Lamb tartlet with Mango & Peach Chutney & toasted Pine nuts.
• Shaved Asian BBQ Pork fillet on Roasted Parsnip & Pear mash, on ceramic spoons.
• Macadamia Crusted Chicken Ginger Cakes, with Cranberry & Orange Jelly.
• Mini Smoked Chicken Pies with smoked Tomato dipping sauce.
• Fennel & mustard crusted Pork cakes with Blackcurrant & Red Onion Jelly.
• Mini Chorizo wrapped in puff pastry with Spiced Plum sauce.
• Smoked Lamb cakes with Sage & Onion marmalade.


Finger Food Desserts:

• Mini Chocolate Tartlet with Fresh Berries.
• Mini Lime Curd Tartlet topped with Raspberry.
• Chocolate dipped Vanilla filled Profiteroles.
• Baked Lemon Tart with Black Cherry topping.
• Mud Cake with Candied Orange topping.
• Mini Strawberry Tartlet with Pastry Cream.
• Mini Vanilla Crème Brule.
• Mini Lemon Meringue Tartlet.
• Mini Espresso Mousse in Chocolate cups with Chocolate Coated Coffee Bean.
• Lemon & Vanilla Melting Moments.
• Pistachio and cherry Biscotti.
• Traditional Shortbread.
• Cherry, Cranberry & Pistachio Nougat.
• Louise Slice.
• Decadent Dark Chocolate Brownie with red wine raspberries & chocolate shavings
•Sweet pastry Tartlets’ filled with Cointreau custard cream topped with fresh fruit
•Raspberry or Chocolate lamingtons with soft cream
•Champagne jelly with rhubarb and elderflower compote
•Grans Little Lemon Possets with Fresh berries
•Tart Tartin of Granny Smith apples and spiced caramel

Petit Fours-
Melrose Lavender Chocolate Truffles
Homemade rosewater Turkish delights
Fresh dates with pistachio & mascarpone
Praline coated strawberries
Sweet fruit jellies

Priced for the individual at
Selection of 3 canapés $14
Selection of 5 canapés $22
Selection of 7 canapés $29
Selection of 9 canapés $33
Selection served as a “Main” Meal:
(10 options with additional portions per serve)


Professional Service Staff & Chefs

$25.00 per hour - Food & Bar Service Staff
$30.00 per hour - Supervisor
$35.00 per hour - Chefs

Please appreciate that staff require a minimum of 4 hours each per shift

Equipment Hire:

We can supply an estimated Equipment Hire quote upon request along with a full hire list for your perusal. (Please Note: Any breakages, chipped Glassware / Crockery or missing items will be charged to the client).